Despite their impressive appearance, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have a slightly balanced character. They can boast courage and intelligence as well as behave fearlessly and confidently in every situation. They are watchful, loyal guards and protectors, who will never let you down and hit at the right moment.

They are kind to children and build a strong bond with their family early on. If you do not neglect their upbringing, they will become obedient and well-handled. They miss the hunting instinct, and so well comes out with other pets. If they know you, you will have a lot of good-naturedness and craving, otherwise you will find a self-confident dog personality, but most of the time they do not dominate. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are the ideal family companions.

The use of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs has also shaped their character. Today they are strong, moving dogs, persistent and resistant to weather whims, low on care. They are very intelligent, they learn quickly, they have a constant desire to work, they are calm and calm, but they are excellent and inexpensive watchers. Albert Heim even convinced in this context that "a large Swiss mountain dog is probably the best, most lucid, most intelligent, and most reliable watchman of all breeds."


The Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are very well tolerated by other animals. They do not have a pronounced hunting instinct and do not bother unreasonably. They are sensitive and devoted dogs and require great attention. They need to be close to thier people, share their home and life. Any isolated stay in the pens or in the yard behind the house is completely inappropriate for them !!!!

They are totally unobtrusive companions who simply sucks when he can lie near the family and quietly observe the master while working on the computer or the lady while cooking. A large Swiss mountain dog has an innate vulnerability to children from whom it is willing to tolerate it. This does not mean that we can leave children with a dog completely unsupervised !!!

The smallest what a Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs needs is full participation in the whole family life of the house inside and outside. The other, of course, assumes that it will be well-educated in all directions. The merry and spirited puppy definitely does not develop itself in an adaptable family dog, a considerate friend and a seamless walking partner. This big dog, as a little puppy, must learn to accept his position in the social structure of his pack and respect the absolute (well-meaning) authority of all family members. It is the education of trust and unconditional tolerance that is extremely necessary for this breed. The dog also has to learn how to get along with other dogs - at the beginning of puppy games and later with a regular chatter with other adult dogs.

Beginning to meet the dog's needs for nutrition, care, possession and upbringing, you can look forward with some luck to a roughly a dozen years of harmonious co-existence with your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.