The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is large with a short and thick neck. It is always short-haired and tricolor. The base color is black with brown-red burning and white symmetrical characters. We observe a reddish-red color between the basic black and white features on the cheeks, over the eyes, on the inside of the ears, on the sides of the chest and on all four limbs and on the underside of the tail. A stripe of black should be found between the lye and the red-brown badges above the eyes. A white patch on the neck or a white collar is tolerated.

Dark eyes are almond-shaped and straight. The tail of a large Swiss mountain dog is heavy, richly dressed and rests calmly. Dogs have a height of 65 - 72 cm at the withers, females of 60 - 68 cm. The weight is not directly determined, ranging from 50 to 70 kg.

Characteristic: Safe, attentive, alert and fearless in everyday situations. Benevolent and affectionate to close persons, confident about others; medium temperament.